Turn your dream wedding into a reality.

From the ring to the honeymoon, find all the best vendors and services at the 55th Annual Grand Rapids Bridal Show.
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Grand Rapids Bridal Show Begins in








Registration for 2025 Bridal Show will open mid-summer.

Grand Rapids Bridal Show

January 10-11, 2025

Friday 5pm-9pm

Saturday 11am-5pm

Fashion shows:
Friday 7:30pm & Saturday 1pm and 3pm

More than 100 vendors will be live at the show and will feature the largest West Michigan fashion show by Jenna in White and Bunny Tuxedos.

The two-day show takes place on Jan.10-11, 2025 at DeVos Place.

Brides get in for FREE by registering in advance. Friends and family members can buy tickets at the door for $12 per person.


Premier Fashion Show is made possible by

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Couples can benefit from special discounts, creative ideas and access to a ton of information to help with their wedding planning.

Don’t miss out on the amazing door prize drawings. We are giving away over $10,000 in Door Prizes!

bridal show vendors
bridal show vendors
bridal show vendors

Great place to start planning a wedding!

Cory N.

Such a great event! Well thought out, planned, staffed and executed! A large variety of vendors willing to help future brides make important decisions!

Laura B.

A fantastic show! The organizers really work hard to make sure it’s successful!

Jessie S.