October 2018

October 22, 2018

Knowing Your Diamond Ring: The 4 C's

By now, we've already established that using RockHer's AI-enhanced diamond search makes buying a diamond easier than ever. But it certainly doesn't hurt going in knowing what you're shopping for. So we're giving you an overview of the 4 C’s- cut, carat, color, and clarity- below.

First up is cut, which many diamond experts consider to be the most important of the 4 C’s. Cut shouldn’t be confused with shape, which is the shape of the diamond (like “round,” “oval,” or “princess”). Cut is actually a grading of how well a diamond was cut. Why do experts say this is the most important of the four C’s to know when buying a diamond? Because how well a diamond is cut affects how well it captures light. So a well cut diamond will sparkle beautifully, while a poorly cut diamond will look dim and dull.

Next we have carat, which is actually a weight measurement. Many people think carat weight means carat size, or the diamond’s size, but it doesn’t. Carat weight can give you a good idea of a diamond’s carat size, though, because the more it weighs, the bigger it’ll be! A 5 carat diamond will surely be a lot larger than a 1 carat diamond.

Third up is color. For diamonds, the best color grading is D, which means it’s totally colorless. The higher the color grade, the more colorless the diamond. (Pro tip: for white diamonds, the less color- the better!)

Last but not least in our four C’s overview, we have diamond clarity. Clarity is a grading of how flawless a diamond is. Diamonds can have internal or external flaws which can sometimes be seen with the naked eye, making the diamond look less beautiful. So the higher the clarity grading, the more flawless your diamond is.

Now that you have this info, rest assured ROSI will help you eliminate any defects not seen to the naked eye as you search. After all, you deserve to take home a real winner in your diamond ring!

Oval Engagement Rings

Now onto the fun part- the shopping process! If you've been near Instagram or Pinterest in the last few months, you'll know that the popular oval diamond engagement ring setting has been ALL over, worn by the likes of royal influencer like Kate Middleton. The elongated and symmetrical shape is without a doubt a true statement piece. While traditional jewelers can be limited in their oval offerings, RockHer is known for their extensive selection of options across carat sizes that are both elegance and full of timeless glamour.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Looking to mix up the classic gold or silver design? A softer and subtle rosy hue might be for you. The jeweler offers an extensive selection of rose gold engagement rings, including these jaw-dropping halo engagement ring designs, that promote a stunning feminine feel guaranteed to look good on any finger. Better yet, ROSI will help you find a flawless diamond shape in any carat weight to match your pink band - all within budget, of course!

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Girl, you're all about tradition. In fact, you've been dreaming about that classic rock with round-shaped corners well before it came in style. So these stunning cushion cut diamond engagement rings are for you — as long as they're presented with champagne and a dozen roses, right? Rock the romance in this expertly cut statement-makers.

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