July 2015

July 9, 2015

Make it Personal

For the gifts you cannot live without, you can create personalized notes to your guests to let them know. Tell them how much receiving this gift would mean to you and your partner, and your guests will be excited to make it happen!Create Personalized Notes

Customize Your Cash Funds

There's no need to register for something you already have or simply do not want just for the sake of registering. If a trip to Morocco is more your style, then create a personalized cash fund. From a gym membership to a down-payment on a new home, Zola leaves it up to you to decide.Learn More About Honeymoon & Cash Funds

Don't Count Out Big-Ticket Items

Let's say you're obsessed with the Copper KitchenAid, but not so much with the price tag. Our group gifting feature on Zola lets guests go in and contribute any amount they wish, so you can still get it with a little help from your friends. If the gift isn't 100% funded, no worries—you'll still receive whatever amount was gifted to you.Enable Group Gifting

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