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Experience is the Difference

Dan and Andrea DeWard, owners of Studio D2D, have been involved in the Michigan wedding industry for over 20 years. They, along with their very experienced team, participate with 75 - 100 weddings each year in various capacities.

Over the years Dan and Andrea have operated many line of business related to weddings including a bridal salon, limousine, tuxedos, photography studio, Video, DJ service, Photo Booths, Floral Design, Invitations, and more. With their combined knowledge they make the perfect wedding coordinating team and love to share their experience with Brides & Grooms.

If you want the best for your wedding take the time to meet with Dan and Andrea DeWard. It will save you time, money, and more importantly you can be comfortable knowing your wedding will be handled by the most experienced wedding team in the Michigan area.


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