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Music is an essential component in creating a unique and special wedding day. As a pianist with twelve years of experience arranging music for weddings, Joshua has the ability to easily adapt to any request. Additionally, Joshua will personally meet with you and your fiance to help plan and coordinate all of the music for the ceremony to ensure it goes exactly as you envision.


Booking with Joshua Zimmerman Includes:

  • A meeting with the couple to help plan specific musical requests for all aspects of the ceremony.
  • Accompaniment at the rehearsal.
  • One rehearsal with any other musician or singer prior to the wedding (if applicable).
  • Arrival at the wedding one hour prior to its commencement.
  • Music during the prelude, processional, service, recessional, and postlude as well as any special events during the service. Examples: Lighting of the unity candle, songs for the entire congregation to sing, and accompanying singers, cantors or other musicians.
  • Ongoing personal communication throughout your entire planning process.
  • Experienced and professional pianist in all facets of planning, arranging, and executing music for weddings.



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