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Historia Collective is latin for a “collection of history.”

YOUR family history.

We believe that the best and most cherished stories are not found in books or movie theatres, but from your own family experiences.

At Historia Collective, we start our relationship with you by creating artistic and timeless memories from your first day as a family, your wedding day. Then we continue creating your legacy by documenting anniversaries, buying your first home, and bringing home little bundles of joy from the hospital, and so on.

Historia Collective was founded by our principal photographer Lisa Hammond. After shooting over 150 weddings, Lisa felt like only doing wedding photography fell short of honoring the entire family experiences and wanted to serve her couples beyond the wedding day. During the transition to Historia Collective, Lisa’s husband David joined the team as business manager and assistant photographer. David’s expertise in written communication, techy things, and organization frees up Lisa to truly connect with her clients and create works of art that fit her clients’ homes and walls. We recently added 2 videographers to our staff so we can offer combo packages of photo + video. As we grow our company it only made sense to no longer be Lisa Hammond Photography but to assume a name that could incorporate more people.


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